Microsoft is set to unveil its in-house AI chip, codenamed "Athena," challenging NVIDIA's GPUs.

Reducing Reliance on NVIDIA GPUs

Athena aims to lessen Microsoft's dependence on NVIDIA-designed GPUs, facing supply constraints.

Reveal at Microsoft's Ignite Conference

The chip's debut is expected at the Ignite conference, starting on November 14th in Seattle.

Competing with NVIDIA's H100 GPU

Athena is designed to compete with NVIDIA's flagship H100 GPU for AI acceleration in data centers.

Secret Testing by Microsoft and OpenAI

Athena has undergone secretive testing by small groups within Microsoft and partner OpenAI.

Microsoft's Quest for Cost Reduction

Athena's development began in 2019 as Microsoft sought to cut costs and reduce reliance on NVIDIA.

Challenging NVIDIA's CUDA Platform

NVIDIA GPUs are preferred by AI developers due to the CUDA platform, making attracting users to Athena crucial for Microsoft.

Aim to Reduce NVIDIA Reliance Amid GPU Shortages

Microsoft aims to decrease reliance on NVIDIA, especially in the face of tight GPU supplies.

High Stakes in AI Silicon

AI chips are pivotal in data centers. Microsoft competes fiercely, providing choices to cloud customers and forging an independent path in AI infrastructure.